Did Wonder Woman just rape a guy in Wonder Woman 1984?

Dec 27, 2020 · 4 min read

Wonder Woman 1984 released worldwide in theaters and on HBO Max on 25th December 2020. With how bad this year has been for entire humanity, many saw this movie as something to end the year on a positive note on the entertainment front. However, many were disappointed. The movie is absolutely garbage. As a fan of superhero movies, and someone who actually enjoyed the first Wonder Woman movie despite its flaws, I was grossly disappointed. The movie has a laughable plot, terrible CGI and seems like it was made in 1984 rather than set in 1984. The length of movie is 2 hours 31 minutes which felt like 5 hours. Anyways enough about how bad the movie is, lets get to the point: Did Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) rape a random guy in this movie? *SPOILERS ahead for first movie and Wonder Woman 1984*

In first movie, Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) falls in love with Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine), a World War II soldier who stumbles upon the hidden island where Diana and all Amazons stay. Near end of the movie, Steve sacrifices himself by hijacking an airplane carrying a poisonous gas and detonates the plan along with himself. This was a quite strong moment in the movie as well as in Diana Prince’s character, making her realize that humanity can survive on basis of love and not hatred, contrary to what she and her Amazon warriors believed.

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Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman (2017)

In Wonder Woman 1984, several years have passed, and Diana (who is a scientist/archaeologist now) obviously misses Steve a lot, her one true love. Enter Dream Stone. Dream Stone is an ancient artifact, which her department gets from FBI for analysis, and it has power to grant wishes to anyone who touches and mentions the wish. Not knowing if it works, Diana touches the stone wishes for Steve to come back, and so he does.

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Chris Pine returns from dead in Wonder Woman 1984

Steve comes back in the most bizarre way possible. He comes back in the body of a random guy, and chases after Diana. It is like Steve’s soul possessed that guy. However, Diana imagines he is Steve instead of that guy and continues her romance with him. They have sex, do adventures together and attempt to save the world. The big problem here is that the man whose body has Steve possessed, has absolutely no control over what is happening with him or to him.

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The unfortunate man whose body is possessed by Steve in Wonder Woman 1984

Imagine being this guy, you loose control of your body and consciousness, and then an unknown woman has sex with you and then takes you on a world saving adventure, fighting White House security on the way, and which could have very well led to your death. She shows no remorse, and even flirts with him after he gains control of his body. All this while, she knows that if she renounces her wish, everything goes back to normal and the man gets control of his body. But no, Wonder Woman, the biggest female hero in comic book history, is extremely selfish and uses the guy’s body in whatever she wishes for. The sex is equivalent to having a non consensual sex with an intoxicated man who has lost his senses. This is nothing but “rape”, violating the basic right of a human consent.

How is no media house pointing this out? Why no outrage? Imagine if genders were reversed in this scenario. What if Superman wished back a dead Lois Lane in a random woman’s body and had sex with her? The movie would get canceled if even it gets ever made. Feminists will be marching on streets canceling the actors and directors for violating the law of consent. But since here its a man getting violated, no one cares. There are jokes being made that the guy got lucky, he must have enjoyed it etc. Patty Jenkins (director of this movie) must be held responsible for this bizarre story line, along with all the actors who went along with it. In this era of so called “Equality”, it is disgusting to see that man’s consent doesn’t hold the same value of woman’s consent, and movies are normalizing this.


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