Update: Saven version 1.10.1: The new model 🚗

Add-ons for Broadcast, new ways to contact us and in-app FAQS

This is a rundown of what we’ve worked on in the latest version.

Photos added to Broadcast

We’ve had requests to add photos to Broadcasts. Now you can 👍. Photos add more context around details of the situation. You are able to add up to three photos 📸 to your Broadcast.

Image slots ready for photos to be added

Realtime chat support ☎️

Need our help or want to contact us? Now you can chat to us directly in the app, very much like Facebook messenger or WhatsApp. We also have various chat channels depending on the type of query you have.

Direct contact with us within the Saven app

Download the FREE Saven app for iOS here
Download the FREE Saven app for Android here


If you are stuck and don’t want to chat to us 😮, we now have a dedicated FAQ section in the app. Its quick, easy to use and is updated frequently.

Our knowledge base ready to be of service

Sharing Saven with friends and family

We have built a referral system for Saven, from scratch. This gives each user their own unique referral code to share Saven with their friends and family. When a user signs up with your code, it’s recorded to your profile.

We officially launch Saven to the public on the 1st of August. For our launch competition Safety Unlocked, each referral gives you an entry to win the prize. After the competition, referrals will give you ranking points that will unlock discounts with our partners. More on this to come.

Profile update

You can now edit and update your details and suburb.

Guardian badge

If you are a Guardian, there is now a small shield badge next to your name in your profile.

This just a brief overview list, we have also fixed bugs and other issues behind the scenes.

Haven’t installed Saven yet?

Download the FREE Saven app for iOS here
Download the FREE Saven app for Android here

Thank you for the support everyone 😁!

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