Dear Tutors, you now have a choice.

We know how its like to receive a call informing you that you have a tutee who is interested in you… and possibly 5 other tutors. You are informed that you have approximately a minute to respond or else someone else will be given the job.

You say yes, but you’re feeling nervous- who are you going tutor? What if… he’s like the previous student whom you did not get well along with?

Do not let this be you anymore

We know how that feels like, we know.

Having been tutors ourselves, we know how it feels like to turn up for the first session only to realize that your next few months with your new student will not be as perfect as you had envisioned.

Many times, as tutors, you get the shorter end of the stick. From the point you list down your profile, you get sorted and listed based on your grades and years of experience. Then, when you get the call from an agent, you have little choice but to accept the assignment.

At Say ACE!, we would like to change that. We believe that for tutors to be able to properly educate their tutees, there has to be chemistry. This means that you will be able to find out more about your potential tutee all on Say ACE!.

Without a middleman deciding your fate, you can now exercise control over it. You can look through the tutees who are looking for tutors like you and finally have a say. After all, it does take two hands to clap 😉

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