Why the need for Say ACE! ?

If you feeling frustrated over your grades right now, then do not worry because that’s pretty normal in Singapore.

As a group of undergraduates in NUS, we have been through the rigorous education system of Singapore for a large part of our lives. With a reasonable amount of confidence, we can say that we have gone through our own share of struggles- it is not easy, we know.

From a young age, all of us here at Say ACE! have received tutoring to keep up and race ahead our peers in our studies and you can definitely trust us when we say that we all have our own fair share of good and bad tutors.

We know how much of a difference a well-suited, compatible tutor can make.

At Say ACE!, we like to breakdown our mission into 3 main components:

Accessibility: We guarantee that Say ACE! will be easy and intuitive to use, regardless if you’re a tutor or tutee.

Transparency: We do not believe in having a middleman and especially with withholding information from you. This means what you see on Say ACE! is what we see as well.

Compatibility: We believe that choosing a tutor or tutee goes beyond grades. It also means taking into account the human aspect of the matching process. To us, long term successful matches also means the compatibility of personalities.

Regardless if its your first time looking for a tutor for your kid, or if you’re looking for a tutor for yourself, you can be assured that you’ll be guaranteed to find your right match when you use Say ACE! 👌

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