Why are my child’s grades not improving?

So, you have hired a tutor with years of experiences and fine grades to boast, but yet your child’s grades have not improved?

We know how that must feel — not from your perspective, but from your child.

Many times, there are several factors that are hindering your child from not performing as well as he or she should, even if your child is already receiving guidance from a tutor.

Engaging a stellar tutor sometimes might not be the solution needed to unlock your child’s potential. Just like how your child is unique, the tutors that are out there are different as well- academically and personality wise.

Imagine this, if your child tends to get easily intimidated or stressed out by studying, hiring an all As tutor who believes that piling on extra assignments would help your child is simply not going to work out.

When you choose a tutor, you have to consider him or her as a wholesome individual. At Say ACE!, we ensure high transparency and we have designed our platform to be easy to use. With our advanced filtering system, you can search for tutors who suit your child with ease. Unlike other agencies today, we will never offer any biased recommendations for your child at all. The profile of every tutor listed on Say ACE! has been thoroughly evaluated by us for accuracy and our search algorithm will always give you exactly what you want.

After all, we want the best for your child too.

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