#SayonikaOne — We’re now Soft Launched!

Finally after 6 months of hard work, and some classic drama and JoJo posting in dev chat, Sayonika leaves development to Soft Launch phase!

What to expect?

For now the soft launch only has registrations working, however, we’re not letting mod authors submit mods yet due to the dashboard for admins not yet usable. However, we can assure you, the frontend is finally a working thing.

Here’s a few notes to keep in mind though:

  • Search bar will not be included for now due to a breaking bug in reCAPTCHA v3 where reCAPTCHA breaks in a site of a input element. Michael Mitchell is working on it right now.
  • We have started onboarding the curators, these consists of people from Doki Doki Modding Community and r/DDLCMods who have exemplary portfolio. These includes the moderators of r/DDLCMods themselves.
  • Emails are still delayed at the moment. We queried Mailgun to help us out with that.
  • Our infrastructure is still quite not done yet. I’m installing IBM Private Cloud as our Kubernetes infrastructure because of K3s’s shortcomings (and our literal Arch server being a complete pile of crap).

While you wait, enjoy what we have in place for now. Until next time.

Happy Modding!