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Scala 3: It’s Here!

Scala 3.0.0 is now final!

After 8, © 2020, Dean Wampler

After 8+ years of effort, Scala 3 was officially released this week. This blog post on the Scala language website provides some details, along with a cool visualization of the evolving git tree over that time.

Programming Scala, Third Edition is almost finished, too. We’re in the final production steps with a planned ebook release early in June. Print copies will be available a few weeks later.

Looking for the perfect wedding gift this Spring? You’re welcome! You can preorder on Amazon, Powells, and other vendors. The book page has more links.

I’ll return with more posts about Scala 3 features soon.

For a concise summary of most of the notable changes in Scala 3, see my new Scala 3 Highlights page.




A series of posts on Scala version 3, what’s new and why, and how to use its new features effectively. For more details, visit

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