A Concept Map of the Little Ice Age

What follows is a concept map of the Little Ice Age.

I am exploring the use of concept maps and the categories of events that can be used to explain the causal links that result in particular events. In this case, there are two main ‘outcomes’ that ‘emerge’ from the Little Ice Age:

  1. The Discovery of the Americas;
  2. The political and social changes in Europe.

I apologise for the Eurocentrism; I’m basing this off Brian Fagan’s work on the Little Ice Age in Europe. I’m sure there are additional material that talks about the global impact of the little ice age.

I’m also using the STEEP framework to classify the trends, which lead to some uneasy choices. For example, why is food shortage environmental, but famine social? Why is the size of the Atlantic Ocean an environmental factor? These are valid questions, and all I can say here is that they are awkward choices. There could be more categories, such as geology, but for the sake of keeping it to arbitrarily five categories for cognitive load, I have decided to keep as ‘environmental’.

And so, here it is, a concept map exploring the trends and outcomes of the Little Ice Age (in Europe).

Enjoy. To go to the Kumu view, go here: https://kumu.io/joelfirenze/little-ice-age#little-ice-age