The BookTree: #20 Homo Deus

In this series, I will look at the 20 most important books by eigenvector centrality in my BookTree. You can view the diagram here:

You can play around in the diagram above, and you can view it more fully here:

At number 20 in terms of eigenvector centrality is Homo Deus.

It’s 1 degree connections are: The Inevitable, Out of Control, The Second Machine Age, #7 Our Posthuman Future, and #17 Sapiens.

For a fuller view of its connections up to the 2nd degree:

Remember that eigenvector centrality is more concerned with the connections of its neighbours. It is linked to two nodes that are more connected than itself.

In terms of its extended (2nd degree) ties, it is linked more with discussions about the social impact of technology. Books such as the Inevitable, Out of Control, and the Second Machine Age deal directly with the impact of information systems on society. The Second Machine Age, in particular considers the question of unemployment in an age when AI might become sufficiently advanced.

Homo Deus itself is more like Our Posthuman Future — where Francis Fukuyama considers the political impact of modifying our human nature, as parts in Homo Deus does. Homo Deus’s exposition of transhumanism might be something we might need as we continue headlong into this era of technological advancement.

Afternote: This book was #20 when I wrote it; I have since added a lot more books to the BookTree, and it is now #62.