Want to Choose the Right Influencers? 6 Must Read Tips

1. Already a Fan

This is crucial. Regardless of how funny, engaging, or entertaining an influencer might be, if they don’t feel connected to your brand the content they produce will automatically have an inauthentic feel to it. Look for influencers who are already customers.

2. Let’s Make a Scene

While viewers enjoy the honesty and relatability of influencer videos, unprofessional videos have significantly lower conversion statistics. They don’t have to be a Hollywood director, but make sure their videos are clear, well edited, and fun to watch.

3. Small, but Mighty

The higher a follower count, the less connected followers feel. It is easier to produce video content that 5–10k people enjoy than to please 250K followers. Micro-Influencers have the most impactful voices in today’s market.

4. Diversify

Consumer bases are diverse. Diversity in your influencer selections enables each consumer to find someone they relate to and can connect with. Don’t just higher cookie cutter influencers, embrace the ones that break the mold.

5. Can’t Argue with Results

By definition, Influencer Marketing requires brands to let go of complete creative control. Find influencers who have a successful track record. See their previous work and build the trust that is necessary for an effective campaign.

6. There’s an Understanding

Finding a relatable influencer, who loves your brand, and comes with an impeccable track record, is not enough. Do they understand your product and all its features? Can they verbalize how it works, and portray it in a positive light? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you have found an influencer for your campaign!

Now go forth and find the best influencers for your brand!

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