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Dec 1, 2020 · 2 min read

As children, we all had our unique aspirations. We lived in a fantasy land of our own making, and in my story — my fantasy, focus and aspiration was technology.

My name is Avnish, and I hail from Samastipur, in Bihar. I am currently pursuing Civil Engineering at MNIT Jaipur. Since childhood, I was drawn towards technology and innovation. I still remember when in class 7th, we learned about science and computers. It was also the first time we got introduced to the magical world of the Internet.

It felt as if a gate had suddenly opened to a new world.

The turning point of my journey with technology was the Jio revolution, which also coincided with my introduction to coding.

I believe that in today’s world — where every process is automated and software oriented — it could become difficult to survive without the knowledge of coding.

As an aspiring civil engineer, I am often posed with a question of whether coding is even relevant to my career? The answer has always been a resounding ‘yes’. Today, coding skills are relevant to all industries and hold importance across occupations.

Coding suddenly became the rage in college. Every batchmate of mine was eager to learn to code. We all were quite keen to learn the skill to code.

My inspiration has always been my maternal uncle, who happens to work as a software developer at Apple India. It was he who motivated me to go the extra mile and make use of the plethora of learning avenues available at my college. Thus I decided to invest my time in coding.

My competitive coding journey began when I attended a workshop organised by Scaler Edge at my college. I, for one, found it to be quite interesting. Upon consulting my elder siblings, the recommended enrolling in the Scaler Edge course. For somebody who seeks to pursue Artificial Intelligence, I felt the course would help me reach my goal faster. Peer influence worked in my favour too — as more fellow batchmates took up to coding, I became even more interested.

At Scaler Edge, the curriculum is industry-oriented and is well up to date with the current trends and demands.

The knowledge we gather here could help us in competitions and also serve as a stepping stone for our future career.

The instructors are very well versed with the curriculum and provide us with holistic guidance. The teaching assistants are helpful and motivating. They efficiently track our progress and provide us with regular feedback. My mentor has proven to be target-focused and has made me understand how to prioritise various aspects.

The peer group at Edge is focused and showcases curiosity, which helps all of us grow as individuals. They all exhibit high intellect, and there is a healthy competition amongst all of us.

Scaler Edge has made me more efficient, and it has made me understand the practical life applications of coding. The quality of learning is immensely valuable, and the mentor system well-thought-out.

I would recommend it highly to all my friends and family.

Scaler Edge

A two year college-companion program for engineering students who want to learn tech. Apt for students from any branch. Coding knowledge not required.


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Scaler Edge

A two year college-companion program for engineering students who want to learn tech. Apt for students from any branch. Coding knowledge not required.