Scaleswap IDO — a simple “how-to” guide

To provide a clear overview of the Scaleswap IDO participation process, we have prepared the full flow from start to finish. Enjoy!

Step 1: Apply for Whitelisting

At the time of writing, Scaleswap whitelisting has closed on June 21, 2021. The participants who were selected for whitelisting have been notified by email. If you have applied for whitelisting, please make sure to check your email inbox and spam folder.

Step 2: Complete KYC

KYC link and instructions are sent along with the email mentioned above to successfully whitelisted users. If you encounter any problem during KYC, please refer to our Telegram group and ask for advice from community managers. Should you pass KYC successfully, you should receive an email within 1–3 days.

Guide for Scaleswap IDO Participation


Scaleswap (SCA token) pool will open on June 25 at 10:30 am UTC (12:30 CEST, 18:30 Hong Kong Time). Only whitelist winners with successfully completed KYC are permitted to take part in the SCA token IDO pool.
The ONLY platform that hosts the Scaleswap IDO is Beware of scams, fake websites, and impersonators!

Scaleswap IDO pool will be conducted on Polygon and you will need a wrapped version of ETH on Polygon in order to participate. There are several ways to get the WETH (PoS-WETH) on your wallet on Polygon (see below). There are some inconveniences regarding naming, so be careful to get the correct WETH! But as long as you are using our platform for the transfer you don’t have to deal with the type of WETH — this is all done automatically in the background.


  1. Visit and connect via Metamask. You will see the balances of ETH on Ethereum and WETH on Polygon.

2. We highly recommend using Metamask either as a mobile version or on Desktop. This is the best wallet that supports our technology. In case you want to use the mobile version, please connect to the app directly in the mobile browser of Metamask.

Desktop: 100% Metamask with Chrome browser. Brave browser is not 100% supported.
Mobile browser: Not supported
Mobile wallets with a built-in browser (not 100% guaranteed): Metamask Mobile on IOS, Metamask Mobile on Android on some systems, Trustwallet Android Mobile.

3. Add SCA tokens to your Metamask:

You can add SCA tokens to your wallet (e.g. Metamask) in order to display the balances in the wallet. In order to see SCA tokens in your Ethereum and Polygon wallets — add the SCA token address as “SCA”. This is an optional step but it is recommended for every user to have full visibility of the token balances.

Ethereum/Polygon SCA contract address: Will be published right before the IDO

4. Please make sure that you send us the correct participation wallet during the Whitelisting and KYC! This wallet address will be published in our Pool Smart Contract. You will not be able to participate with any other wallet address then this!

5. The Scaleswap Pool will have as Swap Pair ETH/SCA (technically WETH/SCA)

Scaleswap Pool Participation

Transfer your funds from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon (we advise you to do so at least 24hrs before IDO starts as the transfer can take some time, and will harm your chances of getting allocation should the pool be filled).

The ETH peg will be set 1hr before the IDO starts.

General remarks:

The Pool Smart Contracts are on the L2 Polygon. You will need some Polygon wrapped ETH (WETH) in order to participate in the pools. But you will NOT NEED to switch your network from Ethereum to Polygon or to have Matic on your Polygon Wallet in order to participate in the IDO and to swap your ETH! We have some magic that does this trick!

Please keep in mind that your wallet on Ethereum and on Polygon side has exactly the same wallet address.

Please only participate if you are successfully whitelisted. Unregistered wallet addresses are technically restricted from participation.

Again please be alerted of scammers or scamming sites! The only platform that hosts Scaleswap IDO is

A. The easy transfer method: You have an amount of ETH on your Ethereum connected wallet. Then the only thing you need to do is to transfer these ETH funds over the bridge to your Polygon wallet. For this, simply go to (first “Transfers” widget on top of the screen — click on the ETH logo at the top of the screen). Enter your participation amount in ETH, click on the “Transfer ETH” button, and sign the transaction with your wallet provider (e.g. Metamask). Finally, wait until the transaction is executed (takes normally 10–15 minutes). Afterward, you will be able to see your Polygon balance (automatically swapped to the necessary WETH) increased on the top menu with the Polygon sign.

B: Optional transfer method: Instead of using our own app, you can also use the standard Polygon bridge to transfer funds from Ethereum to Polygon via: If this is the first time that you do a transfer via the bridge, please refer to the standard guide:

C: The Polygon native method: If you already have some experience with Polygon, you can simply buy the WETH on Quickswap exchange Make sure that you buy the correct wrapped ETH — on Quickswap, it is named “ETH” and NOT “WETH”.

This is the “legit” version of PoS-WETH on Polygon

Once you’ve received the Successful Whitelist email (after successful KYC) and the time of pool opening has come — you are ready to swap your WETH for SCA!

Please visit the Scaleswap pool details (Link) and wait until you see the message: “Whitelist was successful”. In case you don’t see this message there are three possibilities:

  1. If your KYC was successful but you see this message, then you need to wait until your participation Wallet will be inserted into the Pool Smart Contract.
  2. You failed with KYC and so you cannot join the pool.
  3. You didn’t win Whitelist application

Once you see the “Whitelist was successful” message in the app, you are ready to go!

Please enter your wished participation amount (any amount between the defined minimum and maximum participation) to join the pool, and click on “Join Pool”. You’ll see that the transaction has been completed and your allocation has increased on the dashboard.

Congrats!You’ve made it. Now enjoy your SCA token and let’s take it to the moon together!

You are now the lucky possessor of SCA tokens! But the tokens are not yet in your wallet. In order to get them into your wallet, you will need to click on the “Claim Token” button. That’s it!

Now you have your SCA tokens in your Polygon Wallet and there are plenty of options you can do with it!

  1. HODLING on Polygon or Ethereum: This Option will increase your ScaleSCORE in 3 out of 6 dimensions and so, your chances to participate in the next IDO pools on Scaleswap increase!
  2. Providing liquidity for the SCA token-pairs on the decentralized exchanges (which positively influences one additional dimension out of 6 total dimensions of the ScaleSCORE). You can provide liquidity while staying with your SCA tokens on Polygon (via the decentralized exchange Quickswap) or you can provide liquidity on Ethereum side (via the decentralized exchange Uniswap). Before you can provide liquidity on Uniswap, you need to proceed with 4.
    A separate liquidity provision guide with according links will be provided after our launch together with our program for liquidity provision incentives!
  3. If you like to proceed on Polygon, you need to have a bit of Matic on your Polygon wallet (a transaction costs a fraction of 0.01 USD) and you need to switch the wallet network (e.g. in MetaMask) to Polygon. Afterwards, you can send SCA tokens within the Polygon network, use decentralized exchanges on the Polygon network (like Quickswap) and much more.
  4. If you like to proceed on Ethereum (Layer 1) e.g. for using Uniswap (a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network), you can use the Scaleswap App or Polygon Bridge for this. Transferring from Polygon to Ethereum is a two-step process, where you’ll need to sign 2 separate transactions with your wallet. Your tokens are subsequently transferred. This process can take up to one hour and more. Please see a detailed description below:

A. Scaleswap Bridge to transfer SCA tokens from Polygon to Ethereum:

  1. Visit the Transfer Wallet page ( by clicking on the Polygon or Ethereum symbol in the header of the app.
  2. Scroll down to the “Transfer to Ethereum” widget (second section on the screen), select the coin to transfer (in this case your SCA tokens), indicate the desired amount for the transfer, and click on “Step 1” and sign the transaction. Now, your tokens are transferred from your Polygon wallet balance to the Polygon PoS-bridge and are ready to sync with Ethereum Mainchain.
  3. Wait for the “Step 2” button to become active (This can take depending on the network load 1h and more). Click it, and then sign the transaction. This will send the tokens from the PoS-bridge to your wallet on Ethereum. This can again take up to 1h or even more, depending on the network conditions.
  4. Now you can add your SCA tokens in the Ethereum wallet in Metamask like described in the “Getting started” section.

B. Polygon Bridge — The optional transfer method:

  1. Instead of using our own app, you can also use the standard Polygon bridge to transfer funds from Ethereum to Polygon via:
  2. If this is the first time that you do a transfer via the Polygon bridge, please refer to the standard guide:

What if I don’t get to participate in Scaleswap IDO?

No worries! On the same day of June 25, SCA token will be listed on Uniswap (Ethereum) and Quickswap (Polygon). If you don’t get IDO allocation, you will be able to buy SCA tokens on these two DEXes.

Final Note

We can only encourage users to own and hold SCA tokens from the earliest possible time (ideally since the day of listing), to hold the maximum amount in your wallet, and to provide a minimum of 100 USD equivalent in liquidity to increase your ScaleSCORE in an optimal way. Our ScaleSCORE is a unique loyalty ranking system with 6 dimensions (all details will be revealed soon) that takes into account your holding period, buying/selling behavior, amount of token you have etc. A high ScaleSCORE significantly increases your chances for future pool participations, weighted airdrops, weighted governance and voting rights, and unlocking advanced features.


Q. Do I need to setup my Metamask to Polygon?

A: No, you don’t need to change your Network! We handle the transaction to Polygon directly from Ethereum.

Q. Do I need Matic/ETH for Gas fees?

A: You need only ETH as Gas fees when you transfer funds from Ethereum to Polygon or vice versa. There is no need for Matic/ETH for Gas fees to be able to participate in the IDO pool (managed by Scaleswap) and if you already have wETH on your Polygon wallet. You will need some Matic if you do any transfers or trades on the Polygon network, but a single transaction is only a fraction of 0.01 USD in Matic for Gas fees.

Q. Can I avoid switching my Metamask to Polygon network in order to get Polygon WETH and to participate in the Scaleswap pool?

A: Yes! You just need to use “A. The easy transfer method”. Then you will have WETH automatically in your Polygon account without switching to the Polygon Network.

Q: So my WETH is in my Polygon wallet, got a bit of ETH left in Ethereum wallet just in case. Completed the sign test with the private key account (which succeeded). Am I now ready and wait for tomorrow so I can put the WETH in the pool?


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