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We are so proud to announce that we have completed our IDO launch on our very own launchpad, and it was a huge success! We had to overcome some obstacles, but it was overwhelming for the whole team to see this tremendous interest in our project and our public token sale. Now, we are ready to start a new IDO era.

The IDO pool with a total amount of 500,000 SCA tokens was instantly filled within seconds (with a total raised amount of $172K USD), despite challenging market conditions (Fear and Greed Index of 10!). This is a significant milestone…


Scaleswap (SCA token) pool will open on July 21 at 10:30 am UTC (12:30 CEST, 18:30 Hong Kong Time). Only whitelist winners with successfully completed KYC are permitted to take part in the SCA token IDO pool.
The ONLY platform that hosts the Scaleswap IDO is Beware of scams, fake websites, and impersonators!

Scaleswap IDO pool will be conducted on Polygon and you will need a wrapped version of ETH on Polygon in order to participate. There are several ways to get the WETH (PoS-WETH) on your wallet on Polygon (see below). There are some inconveniences regarding naming, so…

Dear Community,

We are excited to announce that we will launch our IDO/ Public Sale on
July 21 at 10:30 am UTC! It’s finally happening and the whole team is very excited! And the date (21 July) has a special history:

21 July 1969 - First Man on the Moon 🌑
(Armstrong’s first step on the lunar surface)

21 July 2021 - First Fair IDO Launchpad 🚀
(A new IDO era begins with the launch of Scaleswap)

It’s been 52 years but we are still shooting for the moon and we’ll say it again:

“That’s one small step for man…

We are pleased to announce a joint YouTube AMA session with Polygon on July 19th at 3:30 PM CEST (1:30 PM UTC). Scaleswap founders will join forces with a special guest Arjun Krishan Kalsy, the Vice President of Growth at Polygon (previously Matic).

During our first AMA session on YouTube, we received many questions from the community regarding layer 2 solutions, the Polygon ecosystem, and how Scaleswap fits in on the big picture. What’s better than having your questions answered directly from the source? …

Dear Community,

This report focuses on the nature of the incident (DDoS attack) during our first IDO pool on 25 June 2021. It provides a general overview of DDoS attacks, how it played out in Scaleswap and the explanation of what the team has improved since.

I. DDoS — Background

One of the biggest security threats in any network is a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. A DoS attack means that users won’t access the resource they need in the network, potentially causing a massive dip in business productivity. …

On July 1, we held a YouTube AMA discussing the Scaleswap IDO, the DDOS attack, investigation, and the recent progress of Scaleswap. Thanks to our loyal community, many members joined the AMA and voiced their opinions. We have collected the top 10 questions from this AMA and condensed the Q & A for your convenience. Please enjoy!

1. How will you ensure that bots will not disturb the sale again?

We restructured the architecture of the application and configured our external firewalls to distinguish real users from bots. Multiple tests of different sorts will be conducted to ensure the platform…

To provide a clear overview of the Scaleswap IDO participation process, we have prepared the full flow from start to finish. Enjoy!

Step 1: Apply for Whitelisting

At the time of writing, Scaleswap whitelisting has closed on June 21, 2021. The participants who were selected for whitelisting have been notified by email. If you have applied for whitelisting, please make sure to check your email inbox and spam folder.

Step 2: Complete KYC

KYC link and instructions are sent along with the email mentioned above to successfully whitelisted users. If you encounter any problem during KYC, please refer to our…

Following a successful $2.5M USD raise which was heavily oversubscribed already 24h after the first pitch and which was led by some of the most prominent funds in the blockchain space, we are excited to announce important details about the much-anticipated Scaleswap IDO!

Our IDO will take place on our very own launchpad on layer-2 (Polygon) on 25th June, 2021, and the whitelist event is now live for a very limited period of time!

The Scaleswap team is grateful for all the support and enthusiasm from the community. We’ve assembled a group of people that is incredibly passionate about creating…

Our public testing phase is complete and was a huge success! The next-generation IDO launchpad received a spirited response from the DeFi community and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone that participated. We are proud to have such enthusiastic supporters behind us!

As a token of our appreciation we’ve increased the reward for public testing participants from 50 to 70 SCA tokens! 🤝

Public Testing Recap

Our mission is to transform the IDO space, step by step, with a complete state state-of-the-art approach. And you can’t build the next-generation IDO launchpad by simply forking an existing platform. We’re building…

Leading DeFi innovators join forces to provide a vastly improved IDO experience

Scaleswap is pleased to announce a partnership with Biconomy, a leading technology company in the blockchain space building a multi-chain transaction infrastructure for next-generation web 3 applications.

This past year has been all about DeFi’s surging popularity and its potential to transform finance. However, with a less than ideal user experience and Ethereum transaction fees pricing many out of network usage, the race is on to usher in a new phase — making DeFi accessible and user-friendly for the masses.

Scaleswap, the next-generation IDO launchpad harnessing the power of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling, is committed to eliminating the common barriers…


A fully decentralized IDO launchpad — harnessing the power of an advanced layer 2 scaling protocol.

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