Scaling Ethereum Toronto — Agenda

Eva Beylin
Scaling Ethereum
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2 min readMay 31, 2019


Bless thy UniKnight

We’re excited to host the first Scaling Ethereum research workshop in Toronto, Canada, June 5–7, 2019.

The goal of Scaling Ethereum is to facilitate collaboration between Ethereum researchers and implementers, to accelerate R&D efforts on scaling solutions. We hope the workshop will emulate the rigor of Scaling Bitcoin while embodying the Ethereum spirit.

This year we’ll be focusing on oracles, DEX, zero-knowledge proofs, layer 2 and layer 1 research. Below is the workshop schedule.

Tune into the Scaling Ethereum channel to catch livestreams of all speaker sessions, June 5–7, 9:00–12:00pm EST. You can also follow us on Twitter @ScalingETH.

To help the ecosystem move forward on scalability research and implementation, we have asked all speakers and attendees to create a blog post, spec or implementable code following the workshop.

Write-ups can be published directly to the Scaling Ethereum Publication to provide a convenient location for research sharing.

We hope that by collaborating on problems, gaining feedback and creating tangible deliverables, we’ll advance Ethereum scaling. Let’s scale together.

Thanks again to our lovely sponsors for making this workshop possible: Plasma Group, UofT Blockchain Group, Ethereum Foundation, Paradigm, UMA, Uniswap and individual donors! 🦄