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1 HOUR Until SCLP IBO on MahaStarter

Scallop recently announced the launch of the first-ever Initial Blockchain Offering for the SCLP token. This step was a significant milestone for Scallop, and saw monumental participation and engagement throughout the DeFi community with 15,000+ applicants for the whitelist in just a matter of days.

As Scallop nears closer to the IBO today on October 27, 2021, there is increasing speculation and buzz amongst the community, and whitelisted users are filled with eager anticipation for an event to remember.

This article summarises the schedule for today’s event.

Timeline for today’s MahaStarter IBO event -12 PM UTC

  • 2 PM: Muting of Scallop Telegram Group
  • 3 PM: IBO on MahaDAO’s Launchpad MahaStarter
  • 4 PM: Listing Details Announcement

The whitelisting process started on October 23, 2021, and closed October 26, 2021. Several users, investors and members participated in the process hoping to take part in this blockbuster event. Lucky applicants have now been whitelisted and are eligible to participate in the IBO. Check here if you made the list.

If you were unsuccessful in making the whitelist, worry not! There is still another opportunity to get SCLP!

World Premier KuCoin Listing

SCLP will list on KuCoin Exchange 28th October 11AM UTC. It will go live as a World Premiere listing — a first ever on the exchange!

PancakeSwap Listing

SCLP will also list on 28th October 2021 11AM UTC on PancakeSwap, the largest BSC exchange with 2.8 million users and $9.9b TVL (total value locked) on the platform.


How many pools are available for the SCLP token & what is the total raise?

The SCLP token has 2 pools. The total raise for both pools is 200,000$. The two pools are:

1) SCLP Public pool: 140,000$

2) SCLP-MAHAX pool: 60,000$

What is the max cap per user for both the pools?

The max cap for every user is:

1) SCLP Public pool: 300$

2) SCLP-MAHAX pool: 750$

What is date/time of the SCLP public pool & SCLP-MAHAX pool? Where will the sale happen?

Both pools will go live on Oct 27, 3 pm GMT on the MahaStarter platform. The links to the sale are:

1) SCLP Public Sale —

2) SCLP-MAHAX Sale —

If I hold 300 MAHAX, do I get guaranteed allocation in the sale?


I hold more than 300 MAHAX. Do I get further priority or allocation?


What is the vesting schedule for the SCLP token if I particpate in its public sale?

The SCLP token has a 40% upfront token release, with the reminder vested across 3 months with a 3 months cliff. Hence, taking the total to 6 months.

How can I see if I am whitelisted?

You can see the whitelisting results on this spreadsheet. Simply, look for your wallet address & check columns ‘C’ & ‘D’ for whitelist status for both pools.

Which chain should I connect to when participating in the SCLP sale?

Binance Smart Chain

About MahaStarter

MahaStarter is the first-ever incubation platform to offer an Initial Blockchain Offering. Developed by MahaDAO, MahaStarter will help top blockchain and DeFi projects to launch their tokens and native chains.


About MahaDAO

MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization popular for the world’s first Valuecoin ARTH. MahaDAO uses its expert resources to help various blockchain and DeFi projects and communities by leveraging the purchasing preserving power of ARTH.

Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Github| Website |

About Scallop

Scallop is an innovative fintech project with a robust set of DeFi and banking products. The project aims to bridge traditional and decentralized financial worlds and promote the use of DeFi products in managing crypto and fiat assets in a single place.

Telegram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website |



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