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24 Hours to Go: Details for SCLP IBO 27th October on MahaStarter

The excitement for the upcoming first-ever Initial Blockchain Offering is growing! As the date for the Initial Blockchain Offering (IBO) draws closer, we are preparing to close the whitelisting process and begin the token generation event.

This IBO will take Scallop a huge step closer to bridging the gap between traditional and decentralised finance and bring digital assets truly mainstream.

SCLP IBO will take place on MahaStarter Launchpad, 27th October 2021. The World Premiere KuCoin Listing will occur the following day, 28th October.

This article details everything you need to know for the next 24 hours until the event.

SCLP Initial Blockchain Offering on MahaStarter

An IBO is a crowd sale for tokens that will also launch their own chain. In this case, SCLP tokens are paired with the launch of Scallop Chain. Scallop’s incubation-cum-partnership with MahaDAO is further flourishing, as the first-ever IBO takes place on the company’s new decentralised launchpad MahaStarter.

The whitelisting process is already underway. Here are the full details and information on how to join:

IBO Whitelisting Process

  • Whitelist Opening: 3 PM UTC, Oct 23, 2021
  • Whitelist Closing: 3 PM UTC, Oct 26, 2021
  • Successful Whitelisted Addresses Details: 8 PM pm UTC, Oct 26, 2021

What you need to do:

The whitelisting process is live and can be joined using this Google form.

  • Users should share details including name, email, and wallet address.

Further compulsory steps for whitelisting include:

After completing all the mandatory steps, users will become eligible for the IBO whitelist draw.

Successful whitelist addresses details will be announced Oct 26 2021, 8 PM UTC through our social media channels.

IBO Details

  • IBO time: 3 PM UTC, Oct 27, 2021
  • Total Allocation: $150,000
  • Price per token: $0.15
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Accepted currency: BNB
  • Max cap per user: $500
  • Min cap per user: N/A

We will inform qualified participants to complete KYC. We welcome you to join the whitelisting draw!

Be Safe

Scammers and criminal actors may attempt to exploit a token buying event.
Please note: our admins and moderators will never message anyone for funds in any situation nor do they initiate private messages. We do not have any second-part affiliation for the whitelisting mechanism. Follow the correct channels to avoid any miscommunication, theft and fraud.

About MahaStarter

MahaStarter is an innovative incubation platform developed by MahaDAO. The incubation platform has recently launched and will help several top-tier blockchain projects in Initial Blockchain Offering.


About MahaDAO

MahaDAO is a community-powered decentralized autonomous organization that has developed the world’s first Valuecoin, ARTH. The project aims to help various blockchain, DeFi projects and communities to preserve their purchasing power using ARTH.

Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Github| Website |

About Scallop

Scallop is an innovative fintech with the aim to bridge traditional finance and decentralized finance. Scallop has developed the first-ever DeFi powered bank accounts that help users manage their fiat and crypto assets simultaneously and securely.

Telegram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website |




One-stop solution for both banking services and crypto DeFi services

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