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$50,000 SCLP Bug Bounty for Scallop Exchange

We’re thrilled that Scallop Exchange is now live with spot, margin and leverage trading! There’s a lot to look out for! Spot and margin trading with deep liquidity for trading pairs, low trading fees, up to 125x leverage — all in secure and insured trading accounts!

As announced, this is the beta version of our Exchange. Although we’ve been exceptionally cautious about plugging loopholes and making the exchange foolproof with numerous levels of testing and refinement, no web-based application can claim to be entirely bug-free.

Therefore to make sure the Exchange offers the best possible experience, Scallop invites techies to come to take Scallop Exchange apart and point out any bugs that may interfere with the user experience.

Participate in our bug-bounty programme for a chance to win rewards from a pool of $50,000 worth of SCLP tokens. Please report any bugs here.

As of this moment, Scallop Exchange is available for users to be able to buy, sell, and hold 100+ cryptocurrency tokens with 20+ fiat currencies via bank transfer or credit or debit card.

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About Scallop

Scallop is a licensed & regulated banking institution offering a comprehensive suite of innovative banking products. Scallop’s next-generation products were launched to approximately 1.5 billion potential customers in the UK, EU, Canada, and UAE, where Scallop currently holds banking and crypto licenses. There are plans underway to expand into other regions soon.

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