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Monthly Update: April 2022

As we approach May, the preparations for our App launch continue to make fantastic progress. Entering Q2, the team have been working towards numerous accomplishments to ensure users have a positive experience in the Scallop App and across all other services that Scallop provides.

A few highlights include updating the staking platform and migrating our users onto there. Scallop CEO Raj Bagadi and COO Mindy Bejawn attended ETH Dubai 2022 where Scallop was promoted, as they networked with industry experts. Great progress has also been made on the implementation of our banking products into the Scallop App.

Take a closer look at our achievements this month…

CoinTelegraph Private AMA

CEO Raj Bagadi joined a private AMA session with the CoinTelegraph community on Discord where he answered a wide variety of questions about the project.

New Staking Platform

We began migrating our users to the new staking program, where great new APYs will be on offer. (Please note: during the migration period, staking, unstaking and claiming will be unavailable however users will still receive the rewards that were collected during this period).

Scallop “Double-Up” Easter Giveaway

In the joyous holiday spirit, the Scallop “Double-Up” Giveaway returned for the Easter season and we doubled the amount of SCLP bought on PancakeSwap for 5 lucky winners. On Easter Sunday and Monday, we surprised our participants with a chance for double entries if they bought on those days.

Tech Support Update

Our customer service team was busy as always to ensure the best customer service. We solved 216 tech tickets in April.

Tech Update

We have worked on our app’s KYC and KYB processes to ensure user security.

KYB, KYC, KYT, Account provisioning, Account Statement and Confirmation of payees were also successfully implemented.

Scallop Learn

We released new Scallop Learn articles to further educate our users and new crypto enthusiasts.

Read them here:

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About Scallop

Scallop is a licensed & regulated banking institution offering a comprehensive suite of innovative banking products. Scallop’s next-generation products were launched to approximately 1.5 billion potential customers in the UK, EU, Canada, and UAE, where Scallop currently holds banking and crypto licenses. There are plans underway to expand into other regions soon.

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