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Quarterly Review: Q1 2022

Scallop made substantial progress over the first quarter of 2022. As we enter Q2, we want to share some of our exciting achievements so far. Our team is now 52 people strong and we are working everyday to ensure customer satisfaction by providing a simple and smooth journey with our products.

Canadian MSB License

We were pleased to announce that Scallop obtained the prestigious Money Services Business(MSB) license from Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC). This license allows Scallop to conduct business and launch the Scallop App in Canada. As per our mission, Scallop is aiming to make DeFi and crypto more mainstream and accessible to everyone in the world and this achievement helped us take a step closer to it.

Norwich City F.C Partnership

In January, Scallop proudly became a primary sponsor of Premier League football club Norwich City F.C for the remainder of the 21/22 season. This partnership helped Scallop’s brand awareness and exposure in the United Kingdom and to the 4 billion Premier League fans worldwide.

Press release about the partnership

Scallop App Waitlist

The waitlist to download the Scallop App is now open! Individuals and Institutions can join the list, in order to download the App upon its launch this Spring.

Users can distribute their referral codes to their family and friends for a chance to move further up in the list.

Join the waitlist NOW:

Scallop Learn

Scallop successfully launched Scallop Learn, an exclusive educational platform to help users navigate the world of cryptocurrency, DeFi, blockchain and more. Scallop Learn highlights our commitment to engage and educate the wider public. It aligns with our mission to bring digital assets further into the mainstream.

Visit Scallop Learn here:

Ambassador Program

We selected 10 ambassadors from a pool of 1000+ global participants for our ambassador program. The ambassadors have begun to represent Scallop on social media and help our brand grow.

We will shortly be opening the application form again for a new cohort of Scallop Ambassadors!

International Women’s Day

Scallop celebrated the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women this International Women’s Day.

We hosted a Twitter Spaces session to discuss women working in the crypto and blockchain industry. Our employees were joined by women leaders in different companies in the crypto and DeFi ecosystem. Guests and hosts celebrated women in the industry and talked about their career experiences so far and how other women can enter the sector too.


Users can now trade SCLP on various exchanges:

  • MEXC Global
  • LBank
  • FMFW Exchange (formerly known as
  • DigiFinex

Join the waitlist now:

Tech Update

1. Securing the integration of KYC ensuring the user onboarding process is more secure by using our KYC verification with AML, PEPs and sanctions, Data-extraction, Face Match, POA, Liveness checking, Profile Checking.

2. Added GBP currency accounts alongside EUR accounts

3. Accomplished account creation for GBP and EUR for non-business ( individual) users

4. Integrated Sentry for crash analytics documentation.

5. Integrated COP (confirmation of payee) functionality before adding the payee with us.

6. Information populated over our CMS website with KYC details.

We would like to thank all of our supporters through this journey. We are excited to bring you the Scallop App this Spring! Stay tuned for more project news and updates!

Best Wishes,
The Scallop Team

​​About Scallop

Scallop is an innovative fintech ecosystem for users who want a faster, more efficient way to manage their crypto + fiat in a single place securely. Our mission is to bring digital assets into mainstream use and bridge the gap between decentralised and traditional finance.

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