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Scallop Exchange Trading League!

Are you a Trading Ninja? Crypto trading league to win prizes worth 125,000 SCLP Tokens!

Yes, you read it right! Scallop is hosting the Trading League — an epic trading tournament on Scallop Exchange. The league is open to everyone. All you have to do is sign up with Scallop Exchange. There are three categories with something for everyone — whether you are a pro trader or a newbie. Winners will bag rewards from a whopping pool of 125,000 SCLP tokens!

The league starts at 3 pm UTC on July 5 and lasts till 3 pm UTC on July 30, 2022. So, place your trades as per the T&Cs and fight it out! We wish you the best!

All traders are eligible to participate in one category or all three categories:

Category 1

Prizes for the top 5 traders who trade with the maximum spot trading volume in SCLP/USDT.

Rank #1 — 15,000 SCLP, Rank #2 — 10,000 SCLP, Rank #3 — 5,000 SCLP, Rank #4 — 4,000 SCLP, Rank #5 — 2,500 SCLP

Category 2

Awards for the top 10 traders with the highest volume across all pairs* combined including margin, futures, spot

*excluding SCLP/USDT

Rank #1 — 25,000 SCLP, Rank #2 — 20,000 SCLP, Rank #3 — 15,000 SCLP, Rank #4 — 10,000 SCLP, Rank #5 — 7,500SCLP, Rank #6 — 5,000 SCLP, Rank #7 — 4,000 SCLP, Rank #8 — 3,000 SCLP, Rank #9 — 2,000 SCLP, Rank #10 — 1,500 SCLP

Category 3

Rewards for the top 5 traders who make the highest percentage returns on their account*

*minimum trading amount of $50

Rank #1 — 10,000 SCLP, Rank #2 — 7,500 SCLP, Rank #3 — 5,000 SCLP, Rank #4 — 2,500 SCLP, Rank #5 — 1,000 SCLP

How to Participate?

Login to Scallop Exchange using three simple steps.

1. Go to

2. Login/Sign Up (on the top right)

3. Deposit crypto and start trading

Read more on how to get started on Scallop Exchange: A beginner’s Guide to Scallop Exchange

We’re excited to see what you can accomplish. We look forward to announcing the winners on August 14!

Terms and Conditions

· The trading volume includes both buy and sell order volume·

· The exchange withdrawal volumes would be subtracted from the trading volumes.

· KYC is not compulsory.

· Rewards will be computed at the end of the league time.

· Rewards will be awarded in the form of SCLP in the winner’s wallet within 14 days after the tournament ends.

· Scallop maintains the right to exclude trades judged to be wash trades or illegally bulk registered accounts, self-dealing, collusion, or exhibiting market manipulation characteristics.

· Scallop maintains the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel or change any Activity or Activity Rules.

· Scallop’s judgments shall be binding and final, according to the Terms & Conditions.

About Scallop Exchange

The Exchange enables customers to easily buy, sell, and hold 100+ crypto tokens with 20+ fiat currencies via bank transfer or credit or debit card. The following are key focus areas:

· Deep liquidity

· Futures and Margin trading

· Up to 125x Leverage

· Low trading fees

· 20 % additional discounts on trading fees when paid in Scallop Tokens

· Secure and Insured trading accounts

Check out the Scallop Exchange for more:

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About Scallop

Scallop is a licensed & regulated banking institution offering a comprehensive suite of innovative banking products. Scallop’s next-generation products were launched to approximately 1.5 billion potential customers in the UK, EU, Canada, and UAE, where Scallop currently holds banking and crypto licenses. There are plans underway to expand into other regions soon.

To learn more about Scallop, visit



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