Scanta Wins 2018 SF Shark Tank Showcase

Shark Tank Showcase Winner Announcement

Scanta participated and won the prestigious 2018 Shark Tank Showcase in San Francisco in January. This marks the first time that a company from India has won the SF Shark Tank Showcase.

What is Scanta?

Scanta harnesses the power of augmented reality and blockchain technology to build innovative experiences with an aim to disrupt the way people live, learn, and communicate. This new way of communication is made possible by using AR avatars called Pikamojis, which gives users the opportunity to interact with 100+ unique AR characters and animations. The Scanta team is working hard on developing a creator studio where anyone can create their own interactive augmented reality experiences and have complete ownership over them. Your creativity is limitless.

AR Mapping
Scanta is paving the way for new experiences with advanced cloud anchoring technologies, making it possible to experience shared augmented reality visualizations amongst various devices and with friends. AR maps pave the way for Scanta’s immersive futuristic gaming platform and commercial AR use cases.

Blockchain Technology
Scanta provides the first industry use case for storing user-generated avatars as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through their blockchain technology. This decentralized ownership will rightfully empower and benefit Pikamoji creators and users.

What is Pikamoji?

Pikamoji is an app that give anyone the ability to create engaging and unique AR experiences that can be shared with friends and through social media. Pikamojis are a manifestation of moods, emotions, and expressions for users. This fun content creation and sharing app allows anyone to experiment, experience, and engage with the magic of augmented reality.

You can download the Pikamoji app and try it for yourself here.

Share a Pikamoji video on any social media channel with #scanta or #pikamoji and the team will be sure to repost it with a shout out!

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