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2 min readMay 26, 2016


Today, we’re launching something very special. Over the last six months, the Scaphold team has been building a data platform to power the next generation of apps. In a world muddied by an endless flood of tools and platforms, each offering their own opinions on how to get things done, we’re on a mission to bring order to the chaos. What’s our trick? GraphQL. The declarative, compositional, and strongly-typed protocol presents a novel way for interacting with APIs.

It’s the future!

Scaphold takes GraphQL and makes it dead simple to use. In under 5 minutes, you will have a flexible GraphQL API, advanced security primitives, and the ability to integrate with all of your favorite third party services.

No coding required. Don’t believe us? Watch this.

Wasn’t that cool? Scaphold makes it easier than ever to build data-driven apps with GraphQL. Here’s a breakdown of what just happened:

  1. We defined a schema
  2. Setup custom permissions
  3. Integrated Slack notifications
  4. And hooked up a front-end application to your Scaphold API

And the best part! We did all of that in under 5 minutes!

Although we just showed you how to start building apps with React and Relay, you can create applications on Scaphold using any client framework. Whether you’re building an AngularJS, iOS, Android, or IOT application, you can start building apps on Scaphold today. To make things even easier, we’ve scaffolded these starter kits for you that you can find on our Github!

Give us your thoughts! We’re Michael Paris and Vincent Ning. Recently, we were accepted into Y Combinator’s Fellowship program, and we’ll be working around the clock to bring you more features. If you’re interested to learn more, please connect with us on Twitter, Slack, Facebook, and Scaphold!

Happy Scapholding!



Vince Ning

The service behind Scaphold’s GraphQL-as-a-service