Scapic Joins Flipkart to take Augmented Reality to a Billion Indians

Sai Krishna V. K
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4 min readNov 17, 2020

How Augmented Reality and the Camera can revolutionize the way we buy online.

If you think back on any of your life’s most incredible experiences — visiting a new country; a meaningful moment with family and friends; watching your favorite band perform — all your sensory memories come back. It’s what you saw, heard, and felt in that moment, all around you. Those sensory experiences are a big part of what makes us human. Now, what if you could relive these moments whenever you want?

We started Scapic with this mission. A goal to bring the potential of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D to millions. To get there, we built a no-code platform that makes it simple to generate these experiences.

Today marks a very exciting phase in that mission: Scapic is acquired by Flipkart

We are extremely proud to join Flipkart after three years of taking on the most difficult computer vision software problems so that AR commerce could realistically interact with the physical and digital worlds when you purchase products. Within a few years, we were able to build a No-Code platform for publishing VR and AR content, with hundreds of thousands of experiences generated by tens of thousands of creators and developers. Our tech powers some of today’s Fortune 500 companies, bridging the gap between realities with just a smartphone camera. Now, joining Flipkart will provide Scapic with a possibility to extend this mission to make a billion Indians experience Augmented Reality, for the first time at this scale.

At Scapic we often say: VR can put you anywhere, and AR can bring anything to you. VR can transport you somewhere else. AR leaves you where you are and brings objects and information to you, in context, making them seem like they’re there with you.

They both give you superpowers. This can happen by wearing a headset, or in a more immediate way by looking through the viewfinder of your smartphone. Commerce is a big part of the technology development in these areas now, and…

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