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XR and the dumb idea paradox

Why products and ideas in VR and AR sound dumb, until they aren’t.

Virtual Pets sounded implausible until the world had CryptoKitties

Virtual and Augmented Reality have been industries that are relatively new, burgeoning and have a strange problem. Every startup that is attempting to build ambitious technology advancements atop VR/AR simply risks or has been mocked at for being too dumb.




Commerce today happens across a number of contexts: at-home, on-the-go, and in-store. This means that seeing is believing buying. Our Product Experience Management (PXM) suite is everything your business needs to wow customers, drive sales and enable whole new segments such as AR

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Sai Krishna V. K

Sai Krishna V. K

I write about possibilities in the Metaverse & productivity in the Meatverse ♦︎ Founder, Scapic (acquired by Flipkart)

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