The Launch Party!

The Rarity 2 Launch Party allows Rarity Summoners to buy NFT tickets and take 20% of all $RGV tokens farmed by Rarity 2 Adventurers.

We are excited to release full details of the Rarity 2 Launch Party!

Many are asking what if any interplay there is between Rarity and Rarity 2? Rarity 2 has adapted smart contracts to allow for rare gold and other innovations. There are full details here. So, Rarity Summoners are not interoperable with Rarity 2 where the characters are called Adventurers.

By way of summary:

It is crucial for an active economy that gold is rare. We provided an example here:

And went on to tweet thread: “The trouble is, the value of this work is only as much as it would cost the most sophisticated bot system to achieve the same. Rarity 2 mixes things up because Adventurer and Item farming bot managers would have to invest capital (buying names) to get gold. If the scale of their activities heats up to levels that crowd out other economic activity, the community can simply vote to restrict gold supply further, which makes it really difficult for business operators to decide on capital allocation to this project.

This makes it much more likely that, for example, a Heavy Repeating Crossbow for sale on an NFT marketplace is being sold by a player rather than a professional item producer, which, we believe, looks more like the “active economy” sought by the game in the first place. It is also important that a user wanting to sell a Heavy Repeating Crossbow can fetch a price that reflects its high relative value in the game. In Rarity, its price will be as low as hyper-competitive bot producers can drive it, basically tending to the cost of the gas.

That is fine if the goal is to create transactions for a blockchain, but it falls short of the experience a successful game economy and in-game currency should be able to deliver. Should exposure to the game’s success not be possible with a governance token and in-game currency”?

But we have designed an interplay and by way of a Launch Party

Firstly, the Launch Party’s core attendees are Rarity 2 Adventurers. They will need to buy a ticket (NFT) using Wrapped Rarity 2 Gold $WG. The tickets will cost 350 $WG for a limited period before increasing to 400 $WG, and there is a limited supply. Adventurers will gain 350 $RG at level 2. The frontend has all the tools already integrated to help users with the process of wrapping their $RG to $WG. A transaction is required to enter the party which essentially connects the ticket NFT to the Adventurer NFT, outlined in this article. As soon as this happens that wallet starts farming $RGV tokens and as soon as it is disconnected (leaves the party) it stops. The farmed $RGV can be claimed at any time, but there is a catch.

When a Rarity 2 Adventurer claims $RGV, 20% is allocated to Rarity 1 Summoners that are attending the Launch Party. And, the proportion allocated depends on their Level in the Rarity 1 (original) game. The process for attending the party is the same for Rarity 1 Summoners as it is for Rarity 2 Adventurers. You have to buy a ticket NFT using $WG.

40% of RGV supply has been allocated to the launch party. The Launch Party is designed so that the process by which these are distributed will in itself bootstrap game adoption as well as rewarding the original Rarity Game Summoners holders.

Any questions? Please take them over to telegram, or follow the links below.

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An implementation of Andre Cronje’s Rarity with rare gold, community governance and optional pay to play constraints.

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