How Do SCC Airdrops Work?

Our objective is always to ensure you get into VCs kind of profits. That is why we introduced Airdrops.

Airdrops let you not only get reflections on the $SCC tokens you’re holding, but token allocations of new projects airdropped to you.

How does it work?

Let’s say you buy 100 $SCCs.

By holding it, you get 5 more $SCCs as a reflection. Add this to your initial count — you now have 105 $SCCs.

Your next airdrop will be based on your new token count — that is, 105. If you keep on holding, you keep getting more airdrops. And since after every transaction, tokens in your possession are increasing, so will your airdrops each time!

It’s a virtuous cycle. You buy. You hold. You get reflections. You get MORE airdrops!

So, what are you waiting for?

Hold as much $SCC as you can, and more!

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You buy on Ethereum or Fantom, we invest on multiple chains and return the profits to $SCC holders.