3 Freakish Facts You NEVER Knew About Jennifer Kent’s THE BABADOOK

We’re sure you’ve already dissected in-depth a lot of the layers that came with this now iconic horror film, THE BABADOOK, a true gem in suspense thrilling, and the painting of a dark picture designed to go into detail of the human psyche, specifically regarding grief. Yes, it’s true: the movie’s about grief. Plain and simple. But who knew there were three other interesting facts about THE BABADOOK you never thought you’d pick up on?

Just Another Reason Why THE BABADOOK Is Heralded as a Classic

And it only came out a few years ago. Remarkable. You don’t come across horror films like this, able to peel the terrified layers in your brain and lay some demon eggs like you’d never believe. The entire film itself was a metaphor, with the Babadook at the center of it. Even more, so were creative choices to symbolize the Babadook in a way that makes a lot of sense —

So here it goes. This is verified to some degree, and one of these facts actually may make you chuckle a bit. The truth is if you really believe in something that has that much power over you, and the metaphor really does hit close to your heart, that just makes the horror film that much more effective: