3-Hour Stephen King Tour Just Might Make You Float (But in a Good Way)

Just stay away from the sewer hole….

Pierre Roustan
Mar 5 · 2 min read

You heard right…. Aside from the fact that the King of Horror has even offered a writer’s workshop at his own iconic Maine home and we’re all jazzed about the upcoming King film adaptations geared up, one hidden gem to schedule in your busy day (but well worth the effort) is the fact that you can spend three freaking hours touring the very best King has experienced in his day-to-day life drumming up horrors we all love —

This is a tour you get to witness the real Derry where the sewer to this day still exists (like the sub-header states, stay away from the sewer!), imprisoning Pennywise until the next kid ventures for a taste of the dancing clown.

Plus, of course, you get to visit King’s home as well as the many locations utilized in the Pet Sematary film, and other such locations, just to really engulf yourself in everything that is King.

In many ways, they’re testaments to his surroundings. In fact, a lot of his adaptations were filmed right in his hometown of Bangor, Maine.

You can expect 30 stops in his tour, traveling throughout the morning and lasting till the early afternoon. So pack some snacks. The kicker of this awesome tour is the fact that even though this involves probably the most prolific and successful horror author of our time, this is an event that’s remarkably cheap for what you’re getting:

That’s for adults and children 11 and over. But younger kids get to experience this tour for free (and they should thanks to Pennywise!). The other big bonus: this is a tour running seven days a week, all year round — so don’t come up with excuses saying you’re too busy to witness the terror.

Check it out at SK Tours, for sure. And start floating very soon. Don’t forget your balloon.

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