3 Real Halloween Homes Making Every “Haunted House” Look Like Theme Park Attractions

Don’t get us wrong: a haunted house does the trick, but we’re a more sophisticated bunch, aren’t we?

Pierre Roustan
Oct 29, 2019 · 3 min read

Let me get it out of the way by saying that I dig the jump-scare just as much as anyone else. And the staged haunted houses do serve their purpose. However, sometimes Halloween is about the ambiance, the feel, the memory — like going to see Wicked at the local auditorium and dressing up like your favorite witch or warlock. Costume parties. And, of course, trunk or treating!

Halloween Should Be a Family Affair, and There Happen to Be Some Cool Outings That Change Up the Holiday and Make It Less…. Repetitive

Did You Know That the Infamous “Carruthers House” Featured in HALLOWEEN 4 and 5 Is Up for Sale?

How bad-ass would that be to basically own the house where Michael Myers himself wreaked havoc? Fitting given the sweep we’re seeing in Halloween thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis.

Check out the scoop right here.

Or Maybe the Addams Family Is More Your Flavor?

If it’s one thing the holiday has the most, it’s this: real estate. Except we’re talking about fashion, flavor and panache. Who doesn’t have more panache than the Addams Family??

Here’s why.

Even Better, You Won’t Believe What the Master of Horror Himself, Stephen King, Will Be Doing With His House

If you’re an aspiring writer, you’re going to want to check this out. It’s pretty darn cool.

Click here.

This Is Why Halloween Doesn’t Always Have to Be About a “Haunted House”

Sometimes it can just be about being surrounded by the themes we love so much. Stay in a themed hotel or something. Thrill at the fact that you can dress up for dinner, or breakfast, or lunch, or just the entire week. Live it up. Celebrate. And let’s have the holiday be more than just candy, TP and jump-scares!



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