Could Sylvester Stallone Branch Out to Blumhouse for True-Blue Horror?

According to Jason Blum himself, that’s VERY possible!

Pierre Roustan
Sep 18, 2019 · 2 min read

It was, in fact, just recent that Blumhouse Productions met up with Sly on the potential collaboration that could — and that’s a big could — bring out a little installment to a recognizable horror franchise.

Namely, The Purge. Fitting when you think about it.

This is evident given Jason Blum’s Twitter feed and the fact that he had a sit-down with Rambo himself and the mastermind behind the movie series James Demonaco for a little chat. Take that however you like. Sounds like a big deal to us.

We’re Honestly Not Surprised at All That This Was Going to Happen

Stallone really is a workhorse when it comes to genre. However he has yet to be in a true horror film. This may be the start of something big — say, Purge 5? We can dream.

The fact is Blumhouse Productions, namely CEO Jason, was about as giddy as a schoolboy wanting to see some new Rambo movie or Cobra, meeting up with Rocky himself. With Stallone still searing hot as ever with RAMBO and CREED, who wouldn’t hit up the man for some major action to go with the chills?



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