Agonies and sorrows are what it contains

Ibrahim John
Aug 3 · 2 min read
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Photo by Ahmed Hasan on Unsplash

Lying in a self-pooled blood
Yet in the heavy flood

Thunders looking with
Murderous eyes-fire lit

Gasping for breath

Contending with death

Asking for the hands of hope
Yet hope said nope

Having the throat badly strangled
And the body badly handled
Confusion heard the cry

Yet hope was leaving him to die
Hope, he believed wasn’t fair

For pretending not to hear

The face was getting pale

He glanced at hope in pain

Then tried stretching his hands

But hope was leaving the land

It was the tur of death

Who readily pounced on its target
And while his spirit was been taken to Hades
Who had been expecting him for ages,
He whispered hope

Yes was there apart from nope

He wondered what use it was

Being rescued after death he was

Hope then whispered

Like though it whimpered

I’ see no reason why

I shouldn’t you die

Like success after the splat,
Between us, there’s a mat

Which I filled with great pains
Agonies and sorrows are what it contains.
If only you can endure this,

You would have a love-filled bliss
He grabbed hope’s hand

And shouted as though mad

Like hope predicted,

He wasn’t committed

So, he let go of hope

And took despair in place of hope
It was his calling

It also was his ending.

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