Jack Nicholson as the Ultimate Satan Character, and Here’s Why

Say what you want about the eloquence and fire of one Pacino and how he made the rage of the devil dance in the “pale moonlight.”

Pierre Roustan
May 2 · 1 min read

Sure, Peter Stormare broke our molds in CONSTANTINE and gave us an image of Lucifer that was beyond any box we’d put the devil in. And, yes, Viggo Mortensen was a slick version of Satan played across a cool, gangster Gabriel!

But Jack Nicholson Personifies the Devil in the Best Possible Way: WOMEN!

Love it. Talk about some major monologues that even Pacino would be proud of. And as far as the Devil is concerned, this ultimately brings about the very nature of what burns Belial deep inside, something of an Achilles’ heel that makes you wonder: did God screw up in creating woman?

Or was it honestly the best thing He ever did? Without a doubt, when we know that the devil dares not try God at all, all you need to know is this:

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