Kid Horror Is Getting SO Sick That Fox Just Ordered a New TV Series ABOUT “The Goonies”

(Wait, what?)

Pierre Roustan
Feb 13 · 2 min read

Not a documentary. We need to clarify that. For those sadly confused at this headline, we apologize, but it is what it is: Fox has ordered an untitled pilot for a new TV series that will essentially recreate “THE GOONIES,” shot to shot! Hooooooold up….

Why? Why Make a TV Show About THAT?

We’re not complaining, honestly. It’s not the sequel we and Sean Astin himself hoped for, but at least it’s something like it. We’d even be satisfied if the yet-to-be-named TV series gets to be set in beautiful Astoria. Something about that town screamed nostalgia of the ’80s when kids ruled the world.

Here’s the thing, though; there’s a point to this: the series will follow a woman by the name of Stella Cooper coming back to her own automotive hometown (Detroit?) as a failed substitute teacher, yet finding what the actual synopsis shows as “inspiration, hope, and ultimately salvation when she agress to help three students who are pursuing their film-making dreams by putting on an impossibly ambitious shot-for-shot remake of one of the student’s favorite movies, THE GOONIES.” Kid horror at its best.

Aha. Now that is interesting.

When You Think About It, It’s a True Homage (If Not a Sequel) to THE GOONIES

Underneath Sloth, pirates and criminals hunting kids down, there’s the underlying principles about saving a town from going under, and that’s what the Goonies did in this film. That’s going to be the entire point of this new TV series. And the best part?

Richard Donner will be executive producer.

What Say You, Goonies? Do We Dig This??

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