New “Day of the Dead” SyFy Series Is Proof That the Undead Are Still Alive

Or perhaps “reanimated”?

Pierre Roustan
Mar 4 · 2 min read

Certainly not rebooted or revived as those zombies tend to not have any semblance of a heart beat. But as far as we could tell, it seemed like the undead would take a hit with viewers of TWD and FTWD sliding, and the likes of iZombie and Nation Z ending with a bang, last we heard. Zombies just aren’t in anymore — not that we would ever let them in. We value our brains and limbs.

Think Again — as There’s Now Been an Announcement That the SyFy Channel Will Host a “Day of the Dead” TV Series

Another zombie story? Yep. Except this time we’ve got the veritable mind behind the madness of what was “Day of the Dead”: George A. Romero. After all, he was the fever behind the frenzy that was the age of zombies in both cinema and literature.

Still one would ask the question — “How much more should we even want to see about something involving zombies?” We’ve had plenty of Resident Evils. The “28 Days Later-28 Weeks Later” stuff was pretty good. World War Z was decent. And when you strip down the stories and actors, really all you have is the same ol’ story —

Big outbreak. People run. Dead people chase. Lots of other people die. More dead people get bashed, burned, cut, split open, gnashed and exploded. End of story. There’s just not so much else you can do except change the setting around, but it really all means the same thing:

It’s a thematic statement against commercialism in society, driven by a mindless need or hunger to consume! At its bare bones, of course.

At the end of it all, we’re watching a nail-biting, fierce, ugly and savage look at humanity, complete with brain eating and limb slashing to the extreme.

We Would Think, Though, That There’s Room to Be Creative With the Sub-Genre

Hopefully. Our hope is this new SyFy series will do Romero proud, perhaps stretch the mold (or break it) in a way that flatlines for all of us. So we all can be undead like the rest of them….

Now must eat brains.



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