Rumor: Tommy Doyle Will Return for ‘Halloween Kills’ and ‘Halloween Ends’

And we’re wondering if — or perhaps a bit skeptical on whether or not — Paul Rudd’s perfect for the role.

Pierre Roustan
Aug 1, 2019 · 3 min read

Questions are flyin’ everywhere. Of course, this all could be just a silly rumor.

To get you up to speed, Tommy Doyle was the kid Laurie Strode babysat in the original film, the fuel behind Laurie’s perseverance and will to live against the man in the mask. Some may say the character of this kid was integral to the story, which is why we see him resurface in a few iterations for the following sequels —

He was initially portrayed by Brian Andrews, a rather unknown actor, but with a few credits to his name following both the first and second films. Then, of course, the character came back for the fourth film under the acting of Danny Ray, noticeably older. But the franchise pulled all the stops in the sixth film with a return of the character in Halloween 6: the Curse of Michael Myers, portrayed by none other than…Paul Rudd.

I Honestly Dig Paul Rudd, and He Certainly Won Me Over, Though

But lest we not forget that the 2017 “remake sequel” that utterly retconned all previous sequels to death pretty much killed any semblance of what we knew about Tommy Doyle. Did you remember seeing the character in the newest film? Of course not.

That, of course, doesn’t mean Doyle’s not living out his life with the nightmares, just as Laurie Strode had been doing for who knows how long (about 40 years, based on the chronology). So for all we know, Doyle still exists within this new universe, this new timeline. And it turns out (again, it may be a rumor) that the character will see the light of the day, presumably under the acting chops of Paul Rudd — which would be fitting to some degree since the actor hammed it up in that sixth film!

But Is Paul Rudd Truly the Best Option?

Why not Brian Andrews? The original? Certainly not Danny Ray, but I wouldn’t put it past Carpenter and company to make a pitch about him. The fact is Rudd would most likely be excellent in it, but the problem is we’re talking about a guy who would have to be a good 40 some years older, dealing with serious trauma, and let’s face it: Rudd doesn’t look a day over 30. That’s not necessarily his fault, but you see our point here.

The newest Halloween was true-blue Blumhouse all the way, complete with the grounded scares, suspense, and small heart attacks that made the studio a mainstay in the genre. No flashy photography. No CGI. Nothing.

Just pure terror.

Now although it seems like we’re getting into a trend where comedy meets killer thriller in a big way, what with Chris Rock doing his Saw thing, I may have a bit of an issue with a gritty performer like Jamie Lee Curtis playing off of the guy from Anchorman and Wet Hot American Summer.

So why not experiment and see what we could be dealing with if the rumor is true and Tommy Doyle indeed will be returning?

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