Rutger Hauer: an Unlikely Vampire, Now Immortal

Rest in peace, Etienne Navarre.

Pierre Roustan
Aug 9 · 2 min read

You remember Ladyhawke, don’t you? Iconic medieval fantasy film about a rugged black knight with golden locks who falls in love with Michelle Pfeiffer, secretly a hawk by day. Oh, yeah, and the knight turns into a wolf at night. You can’t buy stories like that anywhere. They’re timeless.

We’re Also Sure You’ve Heard of the Untimely and Tragic Death of the Man Behind the Knight, the Villain Behind the Blade Runner: Rutger Hauer

He left us too soon — and with a bevy of true classics, some of the sci-fi kind, but many of the horror genre, for sure. Those striking raptor eyes and his chiseled voice won many over, but in great favor and fun, we celebrate him in a way the horror genre only could: through the eyes of a vampire!

Yes, indeed, the man did much more than just turn into a wolf in one classic medieval romance. He was, in fact, quite the comedic icon. Remember the film Blind Fury? Only Jackie Chan could match his fever pitch, and the fact was the guy with the glazing light blue eyes mimicked a blind man with a vengeance to a tee.

Such is the case for many of his villains (and perhaps one hero) in a slew of true shlocky B-horror editions that could only make a vampire junkie bulbous with glee. Yes, indeed — Hauer could ham it up with the best, such as with…

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