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The Shape may not be returning until October 2021, but Sideshow Collectibles is bringing Michael back to the toy shelf sooner with a brand new statue based on the original .

Sideshow and PCS Collectibles present the Michael Myers 1:4 Scale Statue, which measures a menacing 23" tall, wielding his signature silver chef’s knife as he stands on a Myers house themed base measuring 9.25" in diameter. Beneath his feet are sculpted floorboards, and around the exterior is a highly detailed, faded façade of the haunted Haddonfield home.

Four different sculpted window reliefs depict essential scenes from Michael Myers’ murderous…

We dub it just that for a reason, though, and we’ll explain further. Seemingly by osmosis some of the greatest golden nuggets of the heyday that is the horror genre float up in a sea of sweltering acid for us to admire, such as this particular trailer:

Remember this film? From a bygone era…. But don’t you love it when you see something, and it looks so familiar that it almost takes you back to the day when you practically listened to the radio for “The Shadow” or “The Chicken Heart”? …

Just stay away from the sewer hole….

You heard right…. Aside from the fact that the King of Horror has even offered a writer’s workshop at his own iconic Maine home and we’re all jazzed about the upcoming King film adaptations geared up, one hidden gem to schedule in your busy day (but well worth the effort) is the fact that you can spend three freaking hours touring the very best King has experienced in his day-to-day life drumming up horrors we all love —

It’s a Tour Unlike Any, Experiencing All of King’s History

This is a tour you get to witness the real Derry where the sewer to this day still exists (like the…

Or perhaps “reanimated”?

Certainly not rebooted or revived as those zombies tend to not have any semblance of a heart beat. But as far as we could tell, it seemed like the undead would take a hit with viewers of TWD and FTWD sliding, and the likes of iZombie and Nation Z ending with a bang, last we heard. Zombies just aren’t in anymore — not that we would ever let them in. We value our brains and limbs.

Think Again — as There’s Now Been an Announcement That the SyFy Channel Will Host a “Day of the Dead” TV Series

Another zombie story? Yep. Except this time we’ve got the veritable mind behind the madness of what was “Day of the Dead”: George A…

(Wait, what?)

Not a documentary. We need to clarify that. For those sadly confused at this headline, we apologize, but it is what it is: Fox has ordered an untitled pilot for a new TV series that will essentially recreate “THE GOONIES,” shot to shot! Hooooooold up….

Why? Why Make a TV Show About THAT?

We’re not complaining, honestly. It’s not the sequel we and Sean Astin himself hoped for, but at least it’s something like it. We’d even be satisfied if the yet-to-be-named TV series gets to be set in beautiful Astoria. Something about that town screamed nostalgia of the ’80s when kids ruled the world.

Here’s the thing…

In a world filled with writers to the brim, being in a TOP 5 is quite the achievement.

The truth is a lot of the listings already here won’t surprise you, but what might surprise you is one horror author has hit the big time (to be fair, he hit the big time multiple times already in his storied career).

Here Are the Top 5 Authors of 2019

The first one should be a no-brainer, honestly….

#1: J.K. Rowling

You heard right, and it was a long time coming if you’re like the faithful us pining for more PUPPET MASTER Full Moon entertainment.

Aside from the fact that for sure we’re going to get a sequel to THE LITTLEST REICH from Fangoria, Full Moon has already launched a “sequel” to their own AXIS TERMINATION, and wouldn’t you know it: it’s not just a sequel, but a spin-off….

Check Out the Campy Goodness That Is BLADE: THE IRON CROSS

Aside from the fact that for sure we’re going to get a sequel to THE LITTLEST REICH from Fangoria, Full Moon has already launched a “sequel” to their own AXIS TERMINATION, and wouldn’t you know it: it’s not just a sequel, but a spin-off….

Full Moon to a tee — and ready to slice. What’s…

And believe it or not, we’re not talking about a third chapter to IT!

There’s so much from Stephen King as it is, so it’s easy to miss even the most obscure. Part of the reason for that is the fact that many get plenty of press, lots of sold tickets, interviews and hoopla. Whereas others are just back-burned due to being under major development or limited to a particular platform. Hence why you have to read up on this! Take notes. Prepare. And…. Perhaps subscribe to those streaming platforms?

The First Is the Announcement of THE DARK HALF

When you look at the entirety of King’s filmography (we might as well call it his filmography), the list is staggering. In fact, some…

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