The One Movie You Thought Disney Would Never Do: ‘The Sixth Sense’

Seriously? Disney did that movie??

Pierre Roustan
Aug 20, 2019 · 2 min read

And you thought that it was an M. Night Shyamalan affair, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, but the minds behind the ominous tale about a man trying to solve the mental breakdown of a kid who sees “dead people” everywhere he goes was actually technically funded by the very studio that brought you Bambi (which, let’s be fair, is an animated movie with some dark themes as well).

Let’s break down this mind-blowing fact for you.

For starters, you couldn’t have guessed at all by the initial credits of the film. Aside from being written and directed by Shyamalan himself, production companies involved included Hollywood Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment, Barry Mendel Productions, and — here’s the clincher — THE KENNEDY/MARSHALL COMPANY.

Now that might not mean much to you as you don’t obviously see anything even remotely listing the word “Disney” anywhere in there. But look closer….

The name Kennedy. As in Kathleen Kennedy. Many Disney experts and gurus of the entertainment biz would know that name quite well as she is the current president of Lucasfilm. If you’ve been up on your news and such, that would also mean she’s technically the property of — yes, you guessed it — Disney. Remember that the “House of Mouse” did purchase the rights to Lucasfilm, making it possible for them to control the direction of the Star Wars Universe.

Back in the day, she had also co-founded the studio Amblin Entertainment. But that’s not all — The Kennedy/Marshall Company refers to not only Kathleen herself but also her husband Frank Marshall.

It means that both of them were a couple of the brainchilds responsible for producing the dark film about a ghost guy and a bunch of other zombified-spirits haunting a kid out of his mind.

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The Medium, uuh, “Medium” hub for all viral content from SCARYHORRORSTUFF.COM

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