The Rise of the Throwback Movie/TV Poster

I’m diggin’ it. Truly.

We’re seeing that sort of throwback homage to some of the classic VHS-style mock-ups of artwork on tape covers and the posters you buy at the store to hang on the walls. That’s when movies and TV shows were, like, golden, and you worshiped the characters, because you had to hold onto their stories for an entire week before the next episode. Movies were different, though, but only because back in the day, theaters and drive-ins were so much more prevalent than they used to be (everyone streams Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, Comcast, and just about anything else these days).

But Just How Much of a Throwback to Nostalgic Movie/TV Are We Seeing?

Enter: Stranger Things, for instance: check out the poster sending media shockwaves and turning Netflix into even more of a popcorn juggernaut than before: