A List of Atlanta Neighborhoods From Memory

You Asked For It, So Here It Is!

Alright, you asked for it!
A list of Atlanta neighborhoods from memory, I have to just type it up from memory, no revisions, so here goes:

Saw Jon Hamm Alley
Comedian moves to NYC Lane
“No Marta Stop?” MARTA Rail Station
I Hear the Film Industry is Getting Big Here Avenue
Baby Driver Memorial Blvd
Avoiding Trump Talk Uber Crossing
Improv Comedy Enemies Monument
Inside Baseball Jason’s House
BOLO Nextdoor.com International Speedway
Joke About Krog Street Tunnel Music Video Shoot Tunnel

Now that you got what you came here for, a steamy list of the hottest Atlanta neighborhoods I can recall from memory alone, I’ve got an idea to pitch to you: you ever meet two really good-hearted dudes and you want to put them in a room together to like, kind of form an impromptu “Good Guy’s Club?” Like hey, you two both seem like really good dudes, we need good guy team-ups these days.

If you see two or more ethical people with a strong moral compass—pair em up! We need to start pulling out the good Magic cards and linking em up. These nazis are teaming up, good people need to team up too! “Oh, how’d you defeat Trump?” “We just started getting all our good guys together. Eventually they formed a good-hearted human chain and the power of heart combined just sent Trump to the mirror world and now he’s their problem, haha”

Oh, I forgot Poncey-Highlands, and Old Lady Buckhead. #atlantaneighborhoods #atlanta #instadaily #Icouldbeyoursweetestmistake #sherylcrow #babydriver #ifitmakesyouhappy

Alright, cool—thanks for coming by, thanks for following me on Instagram and thanks for sharing, liking, commenting, subscribing, upvoting, Elton John’s House, Decatur, Candler Park, and everybody who let me watch Defenders at Netflix, it’s pretty good so far!

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