Here’s All The Stuff I Saw At Dragon Con 2017

Impressions and Photos from “Nerdi Gras”

Over 80,000 people came to Dragon Con this year, and I saw just a tiny percentage of them—even though I was there for four days! Here’s a list of of observations and pictures from the best Con in the world.

Catwoman’s boyfriend in a Loot Crate shirt

Chappelle’s Show Prince carrying around a plate of pancakes in Benihana

Old lady in velvet witch costume on the elevator saying, “It’s a big party!”

Lady Death with white contacts standing by the Dairy Queen

Ghostbuster girl rollin’ around on wheelies

“Why do I need a screwdriver to fix a screwdriver?” — dude dressed like Doctor Who in CVS

“Mana from heaven” —anime girl with skull on her collar, about the lemonade at Willy’s

Sailor Moon’s boyfriend wants to get on the elevator, is turned away

MAGA hat in the gaming room :(

“She’s got a little booty back there” — Hyatt employee, about a demon corset lady with her ass out on the Skybridge

Trombone player on the sidewalk playing the Mortal Kombat theme, the Spider-Man theme, The Imperial March, and Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” while my girlfriend styles my cosplay wig

Dressing up like Fry and Leela with my beautiful girlfriend

“Hey Fry! Do you mind taking a picture of me with Pickle Rick” —guy who was not interested in having photo taken with Fry

Handmaid’s Tale Handmaid with Marriott Carpet pattern cape and umbrella

Pregnant lady dressed as harem girl with “who’s yo daddy bitch” written on her belly

“You’d need a lot of typewriters” —lady on elevator talking about a hypothetical Jessica Fletcher cosplay

Waking up with Con Crud on Sunday morning

Listening to The Imperial March (again) played on accordion next to the vendor lines while my sinuses burn

Leaving Dragon Con early to curl up in a ball

See you next year, Dragon Con!

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Comedy Pop Culture Commentary on Movies and Music