Attention Log Reflections

It’s so weird to think about retaining a log of how you pay attention to things, but I did and it was an interesting experience. I found myself realizing that I can focus on things for short bursts, but my mind often wanders. I recorded myself during times of when I was working on assignments mainly. I would focus on the assignment at hand and it often had to do with using the computer to type out documents and do research. I found myself focusing at first and then quickly being distracted by facebook mainly. As a writer I communicate through Facebook for most of my time and I get a lot of notifications, messages, and other things that I feel like I have to attend to. It’s harder to focus because of that at times. I also notice that I would sometimes go to Youtube to play music and then get distracted by that. I would accomplish my tasks, but at a much slower pace because of these distractions. They ended up hurting my speed in the long run causing me to have less time to do more things.

I feel like I learned a lot from this Log. It was eye opening to notice how much I would lose my attention during things. I would still be productive but the distractions slowed me down exponentially. This was a common trend I saw in the log and I kind of want to try to lessen that in the future. Maybe I can do so by trying to limit my distractions by changing where and for how long I work on something. I know that the internet is a vast place full of things to distract you and as a modern society we are getting used to information constantly flowing all of the time so our attention and my attention span is hampered by it at times. I don’t feel like it’s awful for me but I do feel I need to be more aware of myself. This was an interesting activity to participate in.