How Blogging Has Made Me More Liberally Educated

“My Journey To Whittier, CA” This explains a little about my life, sort of like a biography. Highlights important times in my life and why I chose to come to Whittier College.

“The Essentials Of Education” These are my five things I believe that should be included in any education system in order to maximize the smarts of each individual going through school. My five essential points to focus on when teaching were:

1. Express Your Freedom of Thought

2. Applying Learning To Everyday Life

3. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

4. Interacting Brings Knowledge

5. Learning To Solve Real World Problems.

All of these combined allow kids to critically think, think more analytically and less straightforward, allow kids to problem solve, and to use their knowledge later on in life when they get into the real world in order to be successful.

“Attentive Attention Always Allows Adequate Acquirements And Awareness Attributes” This very engaging article challenges how we use attention in our everyday lives and how we are always aware of things unconsciously even though we are not focused on them. The long title took attention to comprehend, and may have took twice to read in order to fully understand its meaning. In the classroom, it is essential to have very good attention skills in order to comprehend the material and make sense of the information. In this article, I broke attention down into two segments; Aquirements and Awareness. Being aware of your attention is how you can fully understand material, and the comprehension element is the act of acquiring the information. These two parts of attention are essential to learning.

“The Global Truth Of How Cultures See Sports” This article is digging into my designed major more and how I want to focus on how other cultures view sports in order to know how to market to these different places. It is explaining that learning about your major is far more important than doing the required classes to receive that diploma. What you get out of college classes is what tools you will use later on in your career. As a sports marketer, if I understood how different ethnic groups used sports in their cultures, this would give me a huge advantage over other people as I could reach out to multiple regions, rather just the majority population of America. This could also lead me to branch out to markets outside of America, and ever increase my network and give me more opportunities in my career goals.

“WHAT WILL SPORTS LOOK LIKE IN THE FUTURE?” This article interprets another very interesting article on what sports could look like in the near future. With technology ever increasing, the possibilities seem endless. In the past century, we have already seen the rise of color television, high definition channels, and even implementing the score, time, stats, and yard markers for viewers right from their home. This article suggests that in time we can be watching the game just as the players see it from the field, including who is open and who is not just as we view in a video game! Another thing is implementing technology in practices for professional teams. One thing being done today is using lighting within the football player’s helmet to simulate a game in catching a ball! This is very exciting as in my career I will possibly be marketing these different inventions and can cause a boom within my field of sports!

“Privacy: How much is too much?” This is a reflection on the article “It’s Complicated” written by Danah Boyd. Danah proposes that both kids and parents should share the social networking space in order to bring the two groups closer and be able to improve communication amongst them. This can be a red flag for some teens, as some require privacy in their media accounts. My argument was that from experience of growing up in the social media era, I felt pressured into only posting things that my parents, teachers, managers, and the world would see as “socially acceptable” behavior. I feel that kids should have a little privacy in their posts, but should understand however they express themselves on social media is how others will view them. I do not want to promote putting drugs, alcohol, or swear words on pictures or tweets, but rather show how its important to understand that the things you put on your social media will shape your image of who you are for the future. This is how our generation is today, and this sharing of the network space with more than just friends is complicated, given the title of the article and may never have a clear answer for as long as social media is around.

“How do different cultural groups view sports based on political pressures versus economical pressures?” This article is summarizing what my lesson for my individual, identity, and community class was going to cover. The two cultures I wanted to focus on were Cuba and the Dominican Republic, who share very similar beliefs being by the caribbean sea. However, it is interesting to point out that Cuba still uses the communistic political structure, while Dominican republic is democratic. With Cuba, everyone shares the same wealth, whether you’re a doctor or a pro baseball player in their leagues. So the pressure to “make it” (referring to moving to America and making huge amount of money playing baseball) comes from escaping the government confinement Cuba has in place to go to America and live freely. With the Dominican Republic, this pressure is not from political reasons but rather economical reasons, as it is a very poor country. These kids see only one way out of poverty, baseball. They see no other way out of their situation.

Blogging was something I was never exposed to until I took this class. It taught me how to make a blog, what a blog was, and how to create a network of people which can be important in my career when trying to make connections to others. It increased my design skills as well in forming blogs that will draw in people to actually read them. Some elements within a blog that dictate how much people will view it consist of the time it takes to read, the title, and the picture associated with it. All of these are very important in drawing people’s attention to read your blog so you can get your point across to many different readers. My writing skills have increased as well with writing so many blogs and over time I felt my blogs became better reads and more creative! Also throughout the course, I became more comfortable and more experienced in knowing what to put on my blog to make it a better read. Overall, I felt that these blogs improved my literacy skills and opened my eyes up to the world of blogging and makes me consider continuing my blog to reach out to even more people about issues I want to write about. It helped comprehend the material given in the course as well by revisiting the information and interpreting it to others on medium. Organizational skills is another important skill I learned from blogging in this course, and taught me to keep my blogs along with my thoughts within my blog organized and neat to allow for easier to understand reads for my viewers.