How many thinks can you think?

Taken by Jessica Stackhouse

As students, we are all prone to procrastination, day dreaming, and working extensively. I don’t know about others, but I tend to dilly dally until the last possible minute to actually sit down and get things done. But when I’m finally focused, what are the limits to my train of thought?

How many waves can my mind coexist on while properly fulfilling a task?

As I was logging my focus over a fifteen minute span I noticed many things; if it’s work or something I don’t have a real interest in, I can get lost in anything. Random streams of thought and questions can take me on a journey to a place far away from my work. I realized in the first 3 minutes I was sucked into a day dream of what it would be like to travel to India. If in India, what would I experience spiritually? Would I partake in one of those international whirlwind love affairs?

I was gone.

Shaking from my daydreams I set back to work. I found that although lying in my bed made me a bit too comfortable, sitting at a desk made me too resentful of the work in front of me. For the next five minutes I tested different sorts of distractions to see how my mind could handle processing everything. First I put my itunes on shuffle, from this my mind let go of what I was focused on, to grasp onto the lyrics and the hypnotizing beat of Zella Day. I quickly switched to an old Duke Ellington jazz instrumental and found that while my body was occupied with patting out the rhythm, my mind was honed in on work. For a solid 7.5 minutes I worked; until my jazz album ended and then I drifted into thoughts about things I needed to do.

My mind, although capable of accomplishing so much, just seems to loathe busy work. If I don’t have something, disconnected, drowning out my thoughts and the rest of the world…

Focusing is a difficult task.