What’s More Important?

To be honest, looking for a Ted Talk that related to my big question was a lot harder than a few search words and a click. Probably due to the vagueness of what I want to learn, it is a hard thing for others to relate to.

Then, after multiple searches I found the video that didn't necessarily relate to my educational goal, but rather gave me insight to how to live a happier life and take some of the pressures of finding the oh so elusive “dream job” that college is preparing me for.

In this TED talk, the idea of finding the job you loved was the emphasis rather than the “best” or better paying job. The speaker, Scott Dinsmore, talks about his experiences in the workforce. This is what inspired me. Dinsmore described getting the job he thought he had always wanted, yet after a short period of time finding himself extremely unhappy with his situation. The need for change in his life, and the confidence, or faith rather, to make those changes truly inspired me.

This TED talk didn’t relate to my big question, it changed my big question. Yes I want to build upon what my father has started, and yes I wish to do something else as well. But what I realized is that that something else has to be something that I truly love. School, homework, late nights studying, all those years of waking up and going to class would be pointless if I don’t enjoy my life following graduation. So now I look to refocus on living the most enjoyable life for myself and my family, because waking up and hating the job you have, or worse, the life you live is 100% overrated.