Mr. Splashy Pants Answers Your Big Questions

So last week when asking my big question, I didn’t really think anyone would be studying or exploring what I’m interested in, but apparently there are a lot of people on my same thought process.

The people want to know how to “make a splash in social media”

In Alexis Ohanian’s TED Talk, he speaks about how he and his friends created the social media site “Reddit”, and how from that the world blew up with memes, top voted gifs, and topics all being shared to anyone who wishes to see.

In Alexis Ohanian’s speech he says that social media is a level playing ground that allows for anyone to use it and be able to say they’re content is just as good as anyone else’s. He also mentions two things the internet teaches us and what we should do when putting out content:

  1. Be genuine
  2. Lose control

What I love about these two points is the fact that today those are the furthest things from anyone’s mind when posting anything. People can’t lose control of their output and it effects because they want and need to assume/control the perception of their viewers, and controlling someone’s view is anything but being genuine. Why I think this plays into my big question “What makes something worth watching?” is because in context of YouTubers (ie. Tyler Oakley), people watch him because he’s nothing but himself and he is always crazy and personable. Every video you watch there’s a structure, but it’s underlying a whole tangent of thoughts and anecdotes intertwined with humor and a huge relatable entertaining personality. He is most definitely genuine and he is certainly not afraid to lose control.

Maybe we’re onto the start of why people watch him so religiously.