Nike Just Does It

Sports marketing is one of the coolest fields on Earth. What better way to bring people together than through sport? This video embedded shows the way that Nike has figured out their marketing success strategy. This formula, I’ve noticed, is very similar to how the writing style called “The Hero’s Journey” is written. Marketing is all about appealing to an audience to sell a product or in the case of sports marketing, a team or athlete. The writing aspect encapsulates creativity as a whole. Nike has perfected this creativity and is effective and consistent in each one of their ads.

Nike has some of the coolest advertisements of all types around. Billboards, commercials, and even through athletes wearing their product, they appeal to everyone. Their appeal to a broad range of people appeals to me. It sounds funny but in truth, Nike is quite successful in a difficult and creative skill. Nike is able to inspire athletes and non-athletes of all ages, religions, and genders all around the world. The speaker in the video is able to capture my attention by the way he breaks down each component of the advertisements shown. Without close inspection, one would miss right over how Nike’s formula is recurring in everything related to their brand. As far as branding goes, Nike is at the pinnacle. The only change I would make is to use people who started out as “normal” and became a success story, such as the female runner in the video. Priscilla Welch’s story in the commercial gave me goosebumps that no other commercial of theirs with LeBron James or Kobe can give. Nike’s advertisements should be reflective of their own past. They started as one guy who put liquid rubber into a waffle iron and made a running shoe to the athletic powerhouse they are today.

Nike, while innovative, can continue to do more to increase their progress speed. In the past, they did a promotion where if you sent in an empty plastic bottle, they would send you a jersey of your choice in return to show appreciation and importance in recycling. This would be a great promotion to have come back once in a while due to the popularity and the marketing gold that comes with it. More importantly, it does something that is helpful in the environment and for a good cause. For a company to be successful, they must do well and do good. This is a good example of what Nike and other big businesses need to continue to do.

Nike’s marketing skill is unlike any other company. This in itself is why I admire the way they market their brand and are able to expand and connect to so many different types of people. If sports teams and brands can appeal different cultures around the globe, Nike is the Kevin Durant of marketing.

Photo by Nike