The Global Truth Of How Cultures See Sports

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In the modern time, many different ethnic groups have come to know the sports world as being a part of their everyday lives; they watch sports when they are out with friends and even play sports to get the exercise they need. Whatever shape the game comes into people’s lives, they all still treat it as if it were a religion that has been practiced since the beginning of human civilization. Sports bring excitement, controversy, passion, and even fun to every kid growing up and the life lessons they learn from playing sticks with them forever. Some places see it further than being just a sport, one example is in the Cuba where it is a way of life. These kids see no opportunity to be great within the socialist country they live in, and the only way to separate is to become good enough in baseball to play for a living! It isn’t just a sport, it is a religion for them! However, there are 196 different countries out there in the world and if I were to understand fully all of their views on sports, this would propel me in my career and allow me to be successful in my profession.’

I have given my profession serious thought in what I want to do with my life. Being Involved in the Whittier Scholars Program changed my perspective on not what I want to do, but what I want to learn. Doing something to me is going to your same old job and repeating the same thing over and over and over just to get a paycheck so you can go have a fun weekend. I don’t want my life to be stuck on repeat and would feel unaccomplished if I didn’t keep on learning different things as I neared towards retirement. I want a job that brings a new challenge everyday, one that will allow me to learn more about the world as I am working to get my paycheck. I chose the path of a sports marketer due to the skyrocketing popularity in sports in every culture around the world. In marketing, you have to be able to reach out to a wide range of groups and use advertising skills that will most effectively draw in audiences. Now the learning part for me right now is done in the courses I take at College, and I want to focus on the most effective advertising strategies for different cultures and socioeconomic groups and the globalization of sports in the world. This will allow me to understand cultures better and how they view sports so that I can more effectively advertise in their areas. I developed this passion through playing sports and watching them often, and want to continue this passion.

Some of the classes that will help me towards being a successful marketer would be ones that focus on how different cultures are understood today and also including the business portion of it all with marketing and business strategies. I always have been interested in learning other cultures and their origins, their history, and how they function today with the introduction of technology. I also wanted to stay with sports since they have been a big part of my life and I feel that I am a very good communicator so business would be perfect for me. Sounds like a lot, right? Well it is, and the only way I could of got all these studies in one is to join the Whittier Scholars Program which I did. Also being in Los Angeles makes it that much more important to become more culturally aware since it is one of the most diverse areas in the nation and maybe even the world! With taking culture classes along with business, marketing, and kinesiology, I think that by the time I graduate I will be able to confidently say that I understand the global truth of how all cultures see sports today.

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