What Makes a Multipotentialite?

The first thing that this TED Talk taught me is that “multipotentialite” is indeed a word and oh boy, this one certainly applies to me. More importantly though, aside from teaching me new vocabulary, this talk provided me with the revelation that there are others like me out in this world that have experienced the conundrum of not being able to decide what they want to do in life. However unlike others, us multipotentialites have the problem of not being decisive in regards to our life goals because we have so many different interests, and choosing one primary field just doesn’t suit us.

As pointed out in my earlier blog, “How Can Education Help Turn My Hobbies into a Career?” I noted how many different interests I had, and how hard it would be to use all of them to focus on one specific career. To this day, the idea of my future still gives me a lot of stress and anxiety; which I’ll go ahead and blame on my multipotentiality. However, this is where Emilie Wapnick caught my attention in this talk. I now know that there are others out there that are like me and that there are ways of fully utilizing my potential. We are brought up to believe that we can only excel in one specific area and Wapnick showed me that this is not the case. I for one, know that I can relate to multipotentiality and it makes me wonder just how many more people who are like this are out there and just haven’t realized it yet?