10 Obviously Inspiring Quotes from Obvious Child

by Zoë Rabbani

Jenny Slate in Obvious Child

The film Obvious Child is essentially a walking, talking feminist quote in its entirety…you could probably fast forward to any point in the movie and quote whatever is being said, and you’ll have yourself a feminist mantra. What we’re given is this amazing protagonist, who knows who she is and consciously surrounds herself with people who make her happy — all the while making fart jokes.

1. “I used to hide what my vagina did to my underpants, and what all vaginas do to all underpants…Whatever, I have a human vagina.” The opening line of the movie, a perfect summary of Donna’s personality, and an amazing comment on how women ARE human, and they have working, gross, human vaginas, an idea which is often lost in today’s society.

2. “I gotta be me!!! *fart noises*. That’s my butthole talking.” Girls, we can be gross and still respected! Why is it always the guys that get to make the fart and poop jokes?

3. “I just want to apologise…SIKE!” Women are always apologising for little things, and this needs to stop. Being polite is always great, but when it gets to the point where you’re saying sorry for everything you do, for existing, it becomes a problem. Take yourself seriously — your opinion is not a burden!

Jenny Slate rockin’ it!

4. “You are unapologetically yourself when you’re up on that stage and that is why people love you.” The people who surround you love you because you’re you. That’s it. There’s a ton of pressure that convinces us we need to be different, be better, be funnier or more talented or prettier or…whatever! The truth is you could always be more…something, but the beauty of who you are now is that you’re entirely unique (and enough) without trying. And that’s why you’re loved. Don’t lose that!

5. “You’re the one who has to go through the procedure, pay for it, wear the f***ing pad with the big wings. Do you think if he were pregnant he’d be worrying about you right now. No…we need to be worrying about ourselves.” Many girls are constantly putting other needs before theirs, which is sometimes great, and sometimes not. It’s essential that you give yourself a front seat in your life, and healthy to be focused on yourself from time to time.

6. “We already live in a patriarchal society where a bunch of weird old white men in robes get to legislate our c***s.” It’s a massive problem throughout the world that women do not have complete control over their bodies, due to certain legislature — which sucks. This comments on it in one sentence, which is fab, because it’s important to talk about these problems.

7.-You’re still doing that break up material?” “-I’m just doing my comedy which is just talking about my life.” Which is basically an ‘F YOU, you don’t know me!’ Don’t take crap from anyone, especially unnecessary comments about your work. Accept constructive criticism, and put your middle finger up at watered down insults.

8. “I rejected you, and you’ve been the worst to me ever since.” You don’t owe anyone anything. If somebody asks you out, and you don’t reciprocate their feelings, don’t feel guilty! And don’t let them guilt-trip you. Someone who only treats you well because there might be something in it for them is not a friend.

Can’t get enough of Jenny Slate!

9. “I’m leaving…you’re an idiot…I don’t care…” Speak your mind. There is no need to be polite to assholes. Even if it results in you being called a b*tch, do not take unnecessary sh*t. Especially from people who look like David Cross in a beard.

10. “What does my face look like?” This is a great line from Donna, because even though rockin’ self esteem is great, not many have it. This proves that someone who makes fart jokes to a room full of people can still have her insecurities — you don’t need to be perfectly comfortable with yourself to openly be yourself.

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